All Saints Championship

Four tournaments shot through out the year, around the date of our nations saints’ days, two indoor and two outdoor rounds Each tournament is a stand alone competition, with the overall champions being determined by points allocated for attendance and finishing position.

St. Andrew’s Day

St. David’s Day

St Patrick’s Day

St George’s Day


A variation on Target archery, where a small flag is placed some distance away, on the ground, up to 180m away. Archers score points of their arrows land within a set distance of the flag. Our range allows for both Imperial and Metric ranges all year around for that all important practice.

Cautious Mouse

Remembrance Day

Club Championships

The two Club Championships are shot as handicap tournaments, which has the benefit of an archer competing against their fellow members but also against themselves. To obtain a handicap archers need to have shot and logged their scores in at least three Archery GB rounds .




A Christmas, New Year challenge, usually shot in the first Sunday after Christmas, and a chance to blow away the seasons cobwebs. The tournament proceeds, irrespective of the weather, as long as if it is safe to do so and traditionally some archers dress up for the occasion.

Round : Ironman

Distance: 30m

Target Face: 80cm

Arrows: 7 Dozen

Paul Maines’ Memorial

An Open tournament, for Archery GB archers, shot in the autumn in memory of our former chairman Paul, who founded our club in October 2004, with the aim to provide archery for all, which the club endeavours to honour.

& Just For Fun

Probably not a correct heading, when aiming to hit a balloon or to win chocolates, many archers have a competitive side that you just don’t see when they are aiming just for points or medals.

Valentine’s Day

Big Animal
Field Variation