Gordano Valley Archery Club was established on the 24th October 2004.

Originally established as a school club and therefore closed to the general public, it soon became apparent there was a big demand for archery in the North Somerset area.  In October 2005, Gordano Valley Archery became an open club with its primary aim to promote and develop the sport of Archery for All.

In 2020, the loss of our Founder Paul Maines was deeply felt.  The club however strives to uphold the principles of Archery for All. The club is entirely run by member volunteers and all members’ opinions are considered.  We are primarily a social club and we welcome all abilities and ages from 8 onwards.  We will continue to run beginners’ courses and promote archery in schools whenever possible.

The club has 3 ranges – outside target range, clout range and indoor range.  Club equipment is available for members to use at no additional cost.