Gordano Valley Archers is proud to be an Ontarget club since its introduction in 2010.

“Ontarget is Archery GB’s club development programme. Archery GB recognises the commitment and vital role that clubs play in growing the sport. A strong and healthy network of clubs is essential if archery is to grow and flourish. This ongoing programme will be the beginning of a new relationship, where Archery GB is able to offer structure and vision for club development and where Ontarget will become a vital tool for archery to enhance clubs at a grass root level.”

ArcheryGB website

Since becoming an Ontarget GVA has been very active in the programme. We are proud of our club and its members and this has been reflected in the club being awarded all 3 Ontarget Specialisms: Community, Young People and Performance. Only two other clubs in the country have been awarded the 3 specialisms – Deer Park Archers in Gloucestershire and Brixham Archers in Devon.

The club receives regular newsletters from Archery GB and these can be viewed in the Members Area only