Remembrance Day Clout

Sun  12 Nov 2023
09:00 Set Up  
09:30 Assembly
09.45 Sighters

Senior Rounds : One-way Metric Clout 165/ 125m [M/W]
Junior + Novice Rounds : One-way Imperial Rounds

DistancesUnder 14 and 12Under 16Under 18Under 21
125m   MW
120yds  MW 
100yds MW  

Archers may shoot at the Shorter distances, but positions will be based upon AGB guidelines.
Admission accepted by submission of a Remembrance Day Score Sheet, available on the morning.

All archers are required to have received clout training and to sign the tournament disclosure, in accordance with Archery GB guidelines. Training will be available in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

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